What is Ferestroika? - ferestroika
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What is Ferestroika?

We believe that understanding the past is the only way for building a successful future. The project also aims to provide a new type of cultural and educational experience for the young audience. As history tends to repeat itself and in the context of future European elections and a decline in democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Romania etc), the young audience needs to understand the recent past of the country. Moreover, the Romanian society as a whole has the tendency to idealize the communist era as a time of less social, political and economic challenges. 
Ferestroika is a unique project museum dedicated to family life in communism,  and offers a complex experience in which history, storytelling, gastronomy and entertainment blend. The true story of a family and their three room apartment is the starting point of a journey in which visitors are invited to experience the past for a couple of hours. The project is designed by a young family interested in creating unique experiences that bring people closer to history. The project does not contain ideology or political opinions and it is entirely dedicated to educational and cultural purposes.
Designed as a time capsule, Ferestroika give visitors the opportunity to experience life in the 80’s with the help of authentic décor and furniture, working appliances and household accessories, local drinks and homemade snacks and historical and archive footage. The guided tours offered by historians will help visitors better understand how the communist legacy marked the modern history and shaped the collective mind.